The Bible Baptist Church is just an old-fashioned independent BAPTIST church where Christ is preeminent, and the membership is family. We call ourselves old-fashioned because we still attempt to live our lives according to the Scriptures, and our PREACHING and teaching is always KING JAMES BIBLE centered. Our main purpose as a church is to glorify the Lord and to fulfill the GREAT COMMISSION!

When you visit our church, you will find the warm and friendly welcome of a caring congregation. Your heart will be compelled to join in the vibrant singing of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs that lift praises to the Lord, and your life will be challenged by the passionate preaching of God’s Holy Word. Whether you are looking for a church home or simply seeking answers to questions, we invite you to visit Bible Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa.

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Faith At The Edge

FAITH AT THE EDGE DISCERNING WHEN TO ENGAGE BIBLE SKEPTICS When I was sixteen years old, I encountered my first Bible skeptic. As student at Bob Jones Academy, I was passing out tracts and witnessing to people in downtown Spartanburg, South Carolina. It was the last Friday night before Christmas break and unusually cold for…

Our Heritage of Prayer

OUR HERITAGE OF PRAYER AMERICA MUST BE A NATION OF PRAYER There are ongoing efforts today to remove every semblance of God from our society. Ironically, those who are pushing these efforts from a platform of “tolerance” are increasingly intolerant of Judeo-Christian values and beliefs. Historical precedence, however, points to America’s Christian heritage in which…

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